Project Bazh: Final rendition

I just added the final animation to the render queue at full resolution. I think it’ll be rendering for a LONG time. My guess is 10 hours (maybe 15). I double checked before rendering, to make sure I got everything right. I would really hate to have it all rendered after around 10 hours or so, and then spot something I should’ve made differently. That would suck! Well, I’ll cross my fingers :)

Once again: thank you Jonas for “last minute” tips in After Effect. Him, Jens and Anders dropped by earlier to check out the animation and to try and convince me to go out tonight, hehe. Jonas showed me a way to make the different elements look less computer-like by adding a little noise to the image. It looks cool and it gets rid of those visible “lines” of the background gradient that I had before adding the noise. Now it looks more “natural” in a way. Furthermore, I created the effect of the whole animation being shot with a handheld cam or something like that –> Motion Sketch rocks! Finally, I made the image pump out to the bass of the beat. I thought it would be complicated to make the scaling fit to the beat, but it turned out to be fairly simple.

All I can do now is wait… OH, and sleep :D

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