Project Bazh: DONE! :D

Okay, I was WAY off regarding the render time. It took 7 hours to render the final high quality version :p I couldn’t be more satisfied with the result :D It’s by far the coolest animation I’ve made, and that’s partly because of the music that backs it up (by Chris Bash), and partly because I pushed myself further than I thought I could go (by rigging the characters using Inverse Kinematics).

Project duration: two weeks

As I’m writing this, the 280 MB file is being uploaded to my server. When it’s done I’ll text Chris so he can grab it and check out the goodies :p I’m glad I finished it today, because I still have some things to take care of to prepare for “The Great Relocation” tomorrow (moving to Århus, hehe).Today I just need to kick back and RELAX! – Charge my batteries… whatever you wanna call it ;)

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