Project Bazh: Inverse Kinematics

Wauw, I never would’ve imagined that I could spend an ENTIRE DAY figuring out how Inverse Kinematics (IK) works in After Effects! But I’m really glad that I looked into it (even though I just ripped the code!). It’s going to save me LOADS of time, when I begin to animate the dolls. If it wasn’t this late I’d explain Inverse Kinematics to you, hehe…

Anyway, I went to Jens & Jonas’ crib to get some tips for After Effects. Jonas showed me cool ways of looping in After Effects – something I might just use in this project. He also had some clips of explosions and blood – they’ll definitely come in handy later in my animation :p Enough said for now…


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2 Responses to Project Bazh: Inverse Kinematics

  1. When you go to bed, I start working. Nice way to switch things ;).

    But mind me for asking, but what exactly is project Bazh?

  2. JoKKe-svin says:

    HAHA, that’s absurd man! Well, I guess when I have a problem with something, I stay up until it’s solved! I managed to prepare the doll for animation by applying reverse kinematics expressions to it. It was SO difficult to figure out how the code affected the body parts, but now I understand it… pretty much, hehe.

    “Project Bazh” is just my work title for it – It’s an animation I’m doing for this guy who’s rapping with the alias “Bazh”. He needs this animation to put on the projector behind him when he’s performing. It will be shown in a lot of different places in Denmark when he’s touring this Febuary :p

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