Project Bazh: Software problem

AAARGH! It’s really starting to PISS ME OFF! Once I start up After Effects it runs fairly smooth. Then, when I move the markers to define the work area, it suddenly “freezes” for some reason – not permanently, but for approximately 20 seconds or so, which gets quite annoying in the long run, and steals A LOT of time! DAMN IT! I’m blaming my crappy PC for this problem…

Anyway, today I did some more animation. The doll is dancing / bouncing from side to side, and it looks kind of cool :p It fits really well with the music, and I haven’t even put on the lighting effects yet (blinks to the beat). That will definitely spice it up. There’s still A LOT to do, but I think I’ll make the deadline.

I’m animating from 02:00 to 03:00 (roughly) and I’ve done approximately half of the draft animation, which puts me at around 02:30 :) I can’t wait to do the last part. That’s where the doll becomes really evil with fire etc. :D

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