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Nikolaj Hygebjerg from Rødding Højskole (a folk high school) contacted me a while ago, asking if I was interested in a job at the school. We arranged a meeting, and today my good friend Anders and I went to check out the place. Nikolaj gave us a tour, and I was really impressed by the old buildings. It’s actually the world’s oldest folk high school! I just love the vibe you get from old buildings and the many stories they contain. It was quite the experience to see the place, and I can only imagine what it must be like to teach at a place like that. I’m so excited :) Anders and I will be teaching the Adobe package to the students there come April next year.

Anyways, we went into the library to work a little bit on some other projects, when suddenly I stumbled upon an old photo album. The photos inside were really great, so I just had to bring out my camera and capture some of the most interesting ones. Oh, if any of you guys can translate the text below the photos, be my guest :)

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