Yay, I’m semi-famous (online that is!). I just tried to google my nick “jokke-svin” and there’re quite some pages. Try it yourself (if you REALLY haven’t got anything better to do, hehe).

As for my logo – I’m happy to say, that it’s NEARLY finished! Take a look:

You can read more about the logo here (and maybe even post some feedback for me to chew on).

I just have some minor details (and believe me, they ARE minor) that I have to do / undo, and then I’m the man with the logo *yay*. I’ll throw up a sketch here on my blog… but not now. It’s late and I have nothing else to do here in school on a sunday, so I’ll get my ass back home in a jiff.

Peace out to all y’all gangters out there. Word! Holla at’cha! (White man trying to be a nigger –> also referred to as a “wigger”).

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