Spleen United + VETO

I spent my weekend in Århus at my girlfriends, and we went to see the Spleen United / VETO concerts at the Scandinavian Congress Center. I was really looking forward to Spleen United since I’d never watched them perform live before. They were really great. In fact, they pretty much sucked all the energy out of the crowd, leaving very little for VETO hehe.

Oh and thanks for inviting me to this concert butter cakes :) Now I owe YOU one (or two… or three).

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2 Responses to Spleen United + VETO

  1. Lyuhala says:

    I think I owed you one, but this was a big one, so I think now you owe me just a half :D

    anyway, who is counting ;) you can make it up in hugs and kisses hehehe

    yours truly
    – butter cakes

  2. Would have loved to have been to that gig. I like both bands very much. I went to see Spleen United at Pitstop this summer, and it was one of the best concerts I have experienced at Pitstop, which is quite a lot. I like the way you have captured the gig in pics. They really convey the energy of the concert which you care writing about. Great colors and compositions.

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