Terror T-shirt vs. my Bomb Tee

This is right on the edge! Wearing this t-shirt will probably result in you getting your ass wooped, or maybe even put to jail. I would definitely not recommend wearing it to the airport! I think it’s the most provoking t-shirt print I’ve ever seen. The question is, would YOU wear this t-shirt? It would unquestionably attract A LOT of attention to you… But would you set aside your moral values just to get attention? I still haven’t made up my mind…

Also, check this CNN report on the t-shirt!

How did I come across this website you may ask? Well the thing is, I had the idea of making a t-shirt like that… so, I checked on the Internet to see if others had beat me to it. Unfortunately they had :( Well, I did it anyway, and MY version of the idea is made in simplified vector. I think it looks a whole lot better than the “photo print” they’re using.

Okay, this is what MY version looks like (I shall name it “The Bomb Tee”):


I hope the entire world doesn’t hate me now… Hey, throw some comments my way to let me know what effect this has on YOU!

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