The New Place


Living room. My girlfriend made a chair out of cardboard. It actually holds a lot of weight. We just need to find one of those cool "This side up" stickers for it.


Pathway between living room and hall. That's the iPod Nano I'm selling by the way (DJ Shadow playing there).


The secret chamber above the living room. That's our depot.


And this right here is the bedroom. Sun in the morning :)


Table in the kitchen / dining room. My mother gave us the "EAT" as a moving in present.


Stairs leading up/down. Our place is at the 3rd floor.

So here it is — our new place. Three words for ya: We need furniture! Cupboard, shelf, couch etc. but we’ll get it in time. My girl is quite determined to build a couch for us, so I’ll let her play around with that :) The things I like about our new place is the fact that it’s right in the middle of Kolding. When you go outside, you’re right in the crowd. Love that. Also, it’s quite calm here even though it’s so central. Who would’ve thought… And then of course the extra space. All in all I think it was a good decision to move in here.

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