This is toooo God damn late!

What the fuck am I doing up this late? I haven’t even been partying – just been browsing through a lot of photographs and old projects, to find out how to store the thousands of files I have. It’s quite a task to figure that out actually, but once it’s done, I won’t have to think about file storage for a while!

One thing I have to figure out before I can burn the many DVD’s, is how to compress the many muxed MPEG-files I have from my digital camera. I bet I could easily slice off a good 5-6 GB of the overall filesize by compressing them.

I sent two letters today: one for my family in Malgrat (an updated photo of myself for Julí, Teresa, Alex and Alberte). The other letter was an e-mail I printed from my mother. She aked me if I would send it to her parents.

Bumped into Søren and Martin as I was on my way to buy groceries. It was Sørens birthday today, so they were looking for something to do – probably throw a party of some sort…

Holy makaroni, I totally regret having stayed up this late. It means that I’ll get up tomorrow at around 13-14 o’clock or something… Crap-a-molee!

Oh yeah, I just deleted a lot of files from my “old” site… There’s no going back now (well, I’ve got the files locally on my PC, but still). Now I have to throw up some new shit. I’m not quite happy with the way my blog looks. It’s kind of dark and enclosed. I’m thinking about getting a really simple and airy looking theme for my blog. Something with a lot of white space and kick-ass typography… and MAYBE some small patterns. The only concern I have, is to loose all my posts :o That would be the worst thing that could EVER happen to me… I’ve put SO much time and energy into this blog, that it would totally crush my heart to see the content disappear into a big black hole of nothingness… The thought alone give me the creeps :s

I think I’ll do some motion graphics tomorrow, and post it on my account on YouTube :)

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