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Hey y’all! I was randomly browsing through and followed some interesting links out of the site. Suddenly I found myself browsing two great galleries – I really need to share this, because I think it’s absolutely amazing!!

Alex Trochut and Are Mokkelbost

The three images that I’ve posted above are the works of Are Mokkelbost. Looking at them, it feels as if I’m inside a cube and about to break out into the light. They really awaken my curiosity…

As for today, Jonas was kind enough to help me color correct the screen of my MacBook Pro. He had a tiny little mouse-like device that could be attached to the screen while running the necessary software. It played a sound for every change in color, and it worked really well. Now, my screen is setup with three different profiles: two daylight (warm and cool) and one for web. It was really crazy to compare the newly created profiles with the ones I had been using up until today! What a difference – and for the better :) There’s still a lot for me to learn on working with color on computers. That whole proofing- thing in Photohop really confuses me :s

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