Voice recording

Just as I was about to eat at KUC, Chris from Spam called me up to do this recordning that they’re going to use for tomorrows programme (16:40). Basically I was just asked to do a little “speach” to all the potential voters – tell them why I think they should vote for my video. Here’s what I said (roughly):

I think people should vote for my video because it’s pink, it’s hairy and it’s got a fish in it! I think I’m the only one of the finalists who’s got a fish in my video, so I was kind of hoping that would get me lots of votes…

That’s basically what I said :) Now I just have to kick back and wait for the votes to come rollin’ in, hehe (slightly ironic).

Apart from that, I got a lot of paperwork done today. Because I changed some figures in my “Forskudsopgørelse 2007”, they sent me a huge form from “Boligsikring” for me to fill out, so that I’m sure to get the right amount of money. And I had the secretary sign and stamp a paper to confirm that I’m still a student at the Designschool. I need that to keep my room, so that was quite important…

PAB asked me if I could do some sketches on the new name for JPD. Now it’s DAO (Dansk Avis Omdeling). I came up with a VERY simple logo suggestion that we’ll bring to the presentation in Århus tomorrow.



I wanted to sketch some more, but I just got so tired all of a sudden… Well, I’ll cross my fingers during the presentation!

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