Voice recording

Just as I was about to eat at KUC, Chris from Spam called me up to do this recordning that they’re going to use for tomorrows programme (16:40). Basically I was just asked to do a little “speach” to all the potential voters – tell them why I think they should vote for my video. Here’s what I said (roughly):

I think people should vote for my video because it’s pink, it’s hairy and it’s got a fish in it! I think I’m the only one of the finalists who’s got a fish in my video, so I was kind of hoping that would get me lots of votes…

That’s basically what I said :) Now I just have to kick back and wait for the votes to come rollin’ in, hehe (slightly ironic).

Apart from that, I got a lot of paperwork done today. Because I changed some figures in my “Forskudsopgørelse 2007”, they sent me a huge form from “Boligsikring” for me to fill out, so that I’m sure to get the right amount of money. And I had the secretary sign and stamp a paper to confirm that I’m still a student at the Designschool. I need that to keep my room, so that was quite important…

PAB asked me if I could do some sketches on the new name for JPD. Now it’s DAO (Dansk Avis Omdeling). I came up with a VERY simple logo suggestion that we’ll bring to the presentation in Århus tomorrow.



I wanted to sketch some more, but I just got so tired all of a sudden… Well, I’ll cross my fingers during the presentation!

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2 Responses to Voice recording

  1. Nice logo design. I personally like the one without the dark background the best. It loses its speed when you have that dark background around it. Don’t know why exactly that is though. Good Luck today at the JPD bastards! ;)

  2. JoKKe-svin says:

    Thanks alotta, and you’re right about the speed thing. I also like the top one better. I think it’s cool that the three letters “dao” can be shaped into round wheels. It’s perfect, but maybe that means I SHOULDN’T do it… hmm.

    It’s kick ass weather this morning! I LIKE IT. Do you like it Borat? Hehe. Great fucking movie that is :p

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