It went really well in Århus today :) They liked the results of our work (especially the conceptual part of it), and I think they’ll do their best to convince the top management to go with the JPD-identity we made. That would definitely be great! Personally, I would really like to see the logo out in the streets. The only thing I’m deeply concerned about, is what’s going to happen to the material now that they’ve got the right to work with it (no ofence!). I hope that they will (to some extend) respect our work. Enough said! Bottom line is, the presentation went well and that pleases me :) Oh byt the way, Niels said that he was “in love with the JPD-logo” hehe. Cool.
Quite funny to hear my own voice today on TV :p I wanted to sound more energetic, but I was in the middle of my lunch when he called me…

They never get my name right, hehe.

I think they’ll announce the winner tomorrow, so I’m pretty exited about that! I might even get a free trip to Cph. to be a guest at their final show which will be held in Tivoli. That would be sweet :p

And to something completely different: Yesterday I made this weird drawing. For the first time I tried to paint skies, and I think it looks cool actually. My favorite part of the sky is the bottom part. See for yourself:

And check it out at tegnebordet

Hmm, I guess that’s it for today. I have A LOT of things to do tomorrow, daaaamn! Since JPD gets the presentation boards, I have to take pictures of them (which is also easier to archive photos than those HUGE motherfucking boards!). Furthermore there’s a lot of printing to do for the evaluation in January. Finally, the project needs to be prepared for DVD. We might need to put it on two discs, I’m not sure…

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