Winner found…

A while back, I entered a competition of designing a logo for the merging of three different model airplane unions. This was my entry for the competition. Now the judges have voted and the winner has been found. Take a look at this:

I have no further comments...

I have no further comments...

I was among the 20 finalists, so at least that’s a little bit comforting. But seriously though… It puzzles me, how the judges could pick a logo like this. It looks like it’s been beaten with an ugly stick and then thrown in a pile of fecal matter (pardon my French!). I just need to air my frustration, because I spent DAYS designing my entry for the competition, and this looks like it’s been put together in half an hour… Oooooh the injustice! The pain! But what do YOU guys think about the winner? Maybe it’s just me who dislikes it?

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6 Responses to Winner found…

  1. mike says:

    The expression on your face sums up my feelings as well. I was a fan of your logo. It was way more refined than than the one they ended up choosing.

  2. Casper says:

    Some people just don’t see it, do they?

  3. Lyuhala says:

    here goes in danish: FY FOR SATAN !!! :(

  4. Mads Jensen says:

    Oh fuck!
    Af og til får man lyst til at give op!

  5. EN says:

    Just as conservative and boring as you may expect from those people….

  6. Kringleraket says:


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