X-mas workout

I worked out today. I just had to do it one last time before Christmas! Even though it’s been a week since my last workout session, I was still able to push 70 kg :) Right now I feel kind of healthy and sporty. Soon I’ll start running as well, I just need to get me the right equipment. I’ll spend a lot of time finding the right shoes. It’s so important that they fit perfectly and have a superp support to the foot – else you can damage your knees, and I don’t want that…

Well, the 24th I’ll be headed for Svendborg to celebrate Christmas there with my family (+friends). I think we’ll be around 16, which is the most “crowded” Christmas I’ve ever been to :p

Uh, and Deftones released a new album – “Saturday Night Wrist”. I’m listening to it right now :p Some of the tracks are cool, but it could’ve been better overall I think. The tracks “Kimdracula” and “Beware” are nice, but they cannot compare to previous tracks such as “The Chauffeur” or “Around The Fur” which are immortal tracks to me!

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