3rd year bachelor (theoretical part)

This is probably the hardest assignment I’ve EVER written! And the fact that there are SO many other things on my mind, definitely makes it more difficult to focus. Maybe I should try meditating more often – to clear my head of everything that’s not relevant at the present time. My thoughts have a bad habbit of travelling too far away when they’re most needed.

I can’t help but to find it ironic that I’m writing an assignment on filestructure, when everything seems to be so unorganized at the moment. Just a thought…

I don’t know when this “english-period” on my blog is going to end, but I’ll be honest – it’s rather time consuming to do, so I was thinking about doing it in Chinese instead… or maybe not… or maybe so… if you never try, then you’ll never know… the grass could be greener, and it’ll always be greener on the other side… but you just never know… this could be the one…

Okay, just a little spontaneous outburst of Limp Bizkit lyrics, hehe (track “The one” from the album “Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Flavoured Water“). In your face!

Afgang / graduation 06: I’m struggling to send out a really important e-mail to alle the graduate students. It didn’t seem to be a big problem until I realized that every single mail I sent out came back. In my face!

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