There’s this really great site called 99designs.com which gives you the opportunity to work for clients all over the world. New contests roll in all the time, and all you have to do is log in and give it your best shot. The competition is absolutely furious, but I was determined to win at least one contest. I won two (out of 14 entered). I just wanted to post them before I’m off to Spain with my girlfriend :) I’ll be back the 24th.

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4 Responses to 99designs.com

  1. Nice work on the wins, Joaquim! Great to hear you loved 99designs – thanks for writing about it.

  2. EN says:

    For dælen da! Tillykke og god rejse.

  3. Jokke-svin says:

    Paul –> Thanks a lot man :) and what an honor to have you commenting on my blog. At the moment I’m taking a break on 99 because I’m moving to a new place. I’ll be back again though. Great site you have there!

  4. Jokke-svin says:

    EN –> Taaaaak :) Det er et dejligt klap på skulderen at vinde sådan nogle konkurrencer. Især når konkurrencen er så hård. Der er virkelig mange der deltager med hver deres bud på et logo, så det gælder om at holde tungen lige i munden og virkelig lytte til hvad kunden vil have og ikke vil have…

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