A Frequent Thing

So, here we go again… This is me at my most thoughtful self. Late night. I wonder who’s actually reading this post right now. Is it someone I know? Someone in another country far away from here? “Someone” – What a distant word to use…

Distance. If I were to sum up how many miles I’ve travelled by thought alone to cover a certain distance, I would loose my count in the blink of an eye. The ones I hold so dear are so distant to me. I try to imagine that special touch based on the memories, but it keeps slipping away. Day by day I loose a fragment of the impressions that constitute my image of her. It is a work of art that can never be replicated. Ever.

Dream on you fool! Dream on…

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2 Responses to A Frequent Thing

  1. majann says:

    Det er godt der er flere enn meg som blir tankefulle om natten.. ;)
    Jeg leser! Ikke SÅ langt borte, men allikevel..

  2. JoKKe-svin says:

    Hey Majann. Jeg har næsten glemt hvordan det er at sidde med en god bog. Det er sjældent jeg har tiden til at fordybe mig i læsning… desværre. Men jeg skriver tilgengæld en del, hehe. Godt at vi kan være eftertænksomme sammen :) Sjove billeder på din blog forresten

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