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Weird, I just traced an IP ( back to somebody at A/S Dagbladet Politiken, who searched for “Dansk Avis Omdeling” on my blog. I wonder who/what linked that person to my blog. Hmm.

Went to the gym today to work on my tight body, haha :p I think the protein powder is beginning to work actually. My arms feel heavier… Nah, just kidding ;) But lately I’ve been pushing 90 x 70 kg instead of 90 x 60 kg on bench press. That’s cool. In a few weeks I might increase weight to 80 kg, but then I don’t think I can do 30 pushes on each of the three machines. Maybe I’ll start out with 10 (5 break 5) on each machine. Hmm, I don’t remember what I started out with. I think it was 50 or 60 kg. Either way I’ve improved my training. Also, I’m doing stomac crouches with additional weight (while doing them, I hold a 10 kg weight on my chest). It’s tough, hehe.

I was totally busted after training, so I went home and crashed on my bed. Slept for 2 fucking hours, and when I got up again I decided to finally go shopping for Christmas at Kolding Storcenter. The place was crowded with people (hmm, I wonder why?! Hehe).

Also, I researched on which clothing store I want to get the 2000 kr gift certificate to. Currently I’m in love with some pretty stylish outfits at Z-UP. That’s also where I got my pinstriped blazer a year ago or so. They have great clothes :p

What else? Oh, I have a special present for a special person :D Well, I don’t have it yet but I’m in the proces of making it. I think it’s going to be great. Handmade almost from scratch and personal.

That’s it

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