Busy as HELL!

These last couple of days I’ve gotten SO many things done – some of which I can’t mention here (clasified Christmas present related information!) but what I can tell you is this: I’m going to give out a LOT of presents this year (and it’s not even junk, hehe). I think it’ll be a cool Christmas, and I hope that I can buy some nice clothes before the 24th, which is why I’m going to call Tatiana tomorrow, to let her know about which store I’d like a gift certificate to.

Yesterday I started working on a present for M. (I hope she’s not reading this right now!) and it’s probably the most sophisticated present I’ve ever made! I’ve spent SO much time working on it, and now it’s lying on the table behind me as I’m writing this… finished and ready for shipment (when I’ve packed it that is!). Good feeling :) I’m going to send it “Recommended” just to make sure. I don’t have much faith in the postal service when it comes to unique packages like the one I’m going to send tomorrow. I wish I could hand it over personally and see her face once she opened it… well…

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