On time! UPS

So, today I shipped the present I mentioned in the previous post. It feels so good knowing that it’s finally on it’s way now after all that work :) I did run into some problems though. At first I went to the post office and asked them if they could deliver it BEFORE the 24th. The lady I spoke to wasn’t very optimistic about it. She said that if I wanted to be 100% sure, I should’ve sent it the 9th. The postal system is really under pressure these days, with all the people sending presents back and forth in the last minute! So, I decided NOT to use the regular postal service… Slow motherfuckers, hehe.

I looked up some delivery companies in the phone book and decided to go with UPS. I feel a lot better knowing that they’re handeling my package rather than the regular postal service! When I get home I’ll try and type in the Tracking Code on their website to see if the package has moved since i turned it in :p

I also got some more presents done today. THREE actually :) I think I’ll have them all ready by tomorrow. I just need to buy the last things in the store at my school. Then I’ll kick back and let Christmas hit me with all it’s food, candy and joy :D

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