Behind The Scenes – Intuos4 + Flash

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So this is me working. It’s all fun and music :) Still loving my Intuos4 tablet mucho! I composed the music in GarageBand, and it contains the following home-made sounds:

Tapping on a sketch book. Glass. Pen on paper. Humming. Whistling. Random guitar. Zipper. The popping / rattling sound is a tiny little metal capsule that I use to store my earbuds in.

Please watch the video in HD :)

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3 Responses to Behind The Scenes – Intuos4 + Flash

  1. Lyuhala says:

    du er hot stuff!!!

    og så lige med den rigtige hårlængde synes jeg! :P

  2. Jokke-svin says:

    Lyuhala > Jeg klipper det nok heller ikke lige foreløbig :)

  3. Lyuhala says:


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