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RadioLab: The Governor and Limits

A couple of days ago I wanted to see how many push-ups I could actually do before total meltdown. I reached no less than 50, which kind of surprised me actually. I thought my limit was around 30, but then … Continue reading

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Time is my vessel. Ticking waves of seconds push me towards a future that can never be reached.

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Setting Sail

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Jeg hader myg!

Myg! Jeg hader dem! I forgårs da jeg lå i den dybeste søvn, hørte jeg den pludselig; myggen! Som et tandlægebor på helium! Den lyd de laver med deres små gnidrede vinger kan drive mig til vanvid. Man kan ikke … Continue reading

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Random Ramblings: Dark matter!

Earlier tonight I watched Space Week on National Geographic, which really got me thinking about the universe and dark matter, and once I start thinking about stuff like that, there’s really no telling what I might post on my blog. … Continue reading

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