RadioLab: The Governor and Limits

A couple of days ago I wanted to see how many push-ups I could actually do before total meltdown. I reached no less than 50, which kind of surprised me actually. I thought my limit was around 30, but then when I reached 30, I thought about a podcast I’d heard called RadioLab. They mentioned a thing called “The Governor”, which is apparently something that kicks in when our body thinks we’re reaching some sort of limit performance-wise. Basically our brain is telling us: “Ok buddy, you’re all spent. Time to stop!” — even though we STILL have a fair amount of energy left!! Pretty annoying actually, but then again, it’s probably specifically designed for emergency situations, so we always have a little extra to boost. The body and the mind are wonderfuleriously* intertwined and interconnected! Ever tested your own limits physically or mentally?

* A word I just made up!

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