Today we cleaned up after ourselves and the huge graduation 06 project. Geesh what a lot of files – both physical and digital. Before we began compressing and cleaning up the digital files, they had a size of approximately 16 GB (assembled)! – wich is a bit too much. However, by compressing and deleting unnecesary files, we managed to bring down the project size to about 8 GB (2 DVD’s). Aaaah, great feeling to have everything ready and set for burning and archiving!

Tomorrow I’m going to buy the Canon PowerShot A620! No question! It’s a supersweet camera, a bit bulky though, with full manual control and a really nice macro mode (wich has a fairly high priority in my book). I can’t wait to be able to take snapshots again. It would also be nice to have the camera at the graduation party on tuesday…

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