Dad called. Typo search. Stuff to do.

My dad called to say hi. He told me that a danish group of exchange students was going to play some sort of concert in Malgrat. He was headed for the English Pub to get a Leffe, just like we did when I was down there. The weather was changing he said. You could tell by the way the waves got more powerful. There must be a really different atmosphere when it’s fall / winter. I’d sure like to see what the city is like without the tourism: without fat germans, loud Italians or albino russians (no offence).

So, I’ve spend most of the day searching for the font I’m going to use on my new site. I browsed through a good 1500 fonts and ended up with Egyptienne and Rockwell. I compared the two typefaces for a long time, but in the end I chose Egyptienne. It’s got really awesome details when the letters are close to eachother. Rockwell is also really nice – sturdy and robust, but somehow I found the serifs to be a bit too clumbsy for my taste. Hmm, right now I’m in the fase of testing Egyptienne to see if it really does fit my needs. If not, I’ll try Rockwell… And if that doesn’t work either, I’ll fucking scream and shout, hehe.

Damn, I’ve got so much stuff I need to do this coming week:

    – Find out about applying to the school in Glasgow
    – Get Allain to help me fix my mac screen (fingers crossed!)
    – Jackets to the dry cleaners (which I haven’t tried before. It’ll be a blast!)
    – Find a way to compress my videos from my digital camera and TV tuner
    – Create portfolio (BEFORE applying to Glasgow)
    – And probably some more that I can’t remember right now…
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2 Responses to Dad called. Typo search. Stuff to do.

  1. EN says:

    Drycleaners? Ask for the price first – they often exceed the price of a new jacket!! And you can mostly wash more than you think.

  2. JoKKe says:

    Yup, jeg sender selvfølgelig ikke noget til rens, som jeg ikke kan vaske selv, men jeg har ikke just lyst til at smide min fine sorte frakke i vaskeriet nedenunder. Det er da fuldstændig banlyst, hehe. Den skal også kun renses en gang om året (det anbefalede de i hvert fald da jeg købte den).

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