December 7th, 1983

Yup, that’s my birthday – and as you’ve probably noticed, there’s only FOUR days left until that date :) So having said that, I expect every reader of this blog to send me a present :p DO IT! DOOOO IT!

And what am I doing up this late one might ask? Well well well, today I began drawing a portrait of my father, which I’m going to send for HIS birthday (also the 7th of december!). I’m going to print it in 50 x 50 cm’s and make a little poster out of it, but I’m far from finished. It’s SUPER detailed and I think I’ll spend my ENTIRE sunday finishing the drawing… but it’s worth it. My father turns 50, so I really want to give him something that I’ve put a lot of time and love into. I’ll post the portrait here once it’s done (knowing that my father never uses the Internet, hehe).

Hmm, why do I get the feeling that you are reading this right now?? – Yeah that’s right! You know who you are ;)

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