Project JPD: DONE!

We had been thrown back and forth like little play-dolls in this project, but in the end we all left with happy faces and valuable experience for the future :)

Yesterday the others presented the whole thing to PAB and the censor, and it went quite well actually. Anders and I have to present the project seperately in January because of some rules, so we just watched the others do the presentation. Anyway, they were really impressed with our analysis of the company and their situation. They told us that we did it exactly the way proffessionals would’ve done it out in the “real world”.

The fact that JPD didn’t make it easy for us at all actually strenghtened our presentation. Even though we didn’t have great working conditions, we kept on going and made it in the end :D

Thumbs up to Helle, Anders, Andreas und Mads for good carma and awesome teamwork – even though this project was quite the emotional rollercoaster (and I think I speak on behalf of us all when I say that).

Good luck with the graduation projects you lucky bastards :p


The end :p

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