Wacom Cintiq + rendering

My school has just bought 4 or 5 brand spankin’ new Wacom Cintiq screens!!! IT’S SOOOOO AWESOME!!! (with THREE exclamations marks, and I normally only use TWO if something’s totally awesome!). The Cintiq is a true blessing to Graphic Designers – well, to ALL who’s working in the creative field actually.

The thing is, right now they’re still boxed in the IT office, just waiting to be USED! I wnder when they’re going to unwrap the little darlings :p Hmm, not that they’re that small actually. Read some more about the concept of Cintiq right here! – And marvel at its beauty, hehe.

Check out these videos on YouTube to see the Cintiq in action:


Last night I rendered video, but I found out that the sound compression I used was wrong. The sound came out noisy. So, right now I’m rendering once again.. I really want to send it to DR tomorrow, so my plan is to get everything done tonight!

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