What a WONDERFUL day

…and it’s SO weird, because I barely had any sleep last night because I was up editing the cat-animation. The day started out pretty lousy actually – I woke up at 08:00 and then I thought: “Aaah, I’ll just close my eyes for 5 more minutes” and those 5 minutes turned into 1½ hour! KABOOM! I jumped out of bed and into the shower. Yesterday I’d made an appointment with the typographer Kristina to tell her class a little bit about the scroll I did “back in the days”. I was supposed to do that at 09:30, which was exactly the time I realized that I’d overslept. Yay, the perfect start…

Well, I got to school fairly fresh (as fresh as one can be, only having slept around 4 hours).

We were all pretty cheerful in the JPD-group today, as if someone had put crack on our drinks :p And I fell that we did quite a lot of work actually, which you can also tell by the way the room looks. Before I left for the weekend I cleaned up the place, but now it’s just as messy (if not more) than it was friday before I cleaned it up… I guess it’s impossible to try and keep a room full of graphic designers clean for just 5 minutes :p

I had the presentation of my scroll postponed to 12:05. It went really well actually. Told them a bit about why I made it, my methods and why I’m so fascinated with letters etc. I encouraged them to keep on experimenting with the letters even after the course ends. I really hope some of them will do something cool with the beautiful letters.
Later I talked with IMS about internship at JP. There’s some paperwork I need to do (contract etc.) before it’s possible for me to go there. Also I have to get my portfolio 100% ready. Right now, I haven’t uploaded the movies yet, but I think I’ll get that done by the weekend. I need to upload Bird Boy, DR spip and the new animation I just finished. So it’s safe to say that I’ve got a lot of things going for me at the moment.

What’s my goal with the internship at JP? To safe up enough money for me to buy a MacBook Pro. My current laptop is dying on me, which is kind of sad actually. It’s been the best creative tool I’ve ever had (only topped by my Wacom tablet!).

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