Exit Through The Gift Shop

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I just saw this movie, and it’s absolutely brilliant! It’s one of those movies that are constantly bombarding you with unexpected scenes. I expected to see a clean and crisp documentary about Banksy, when all of a sudden this crazy French guy called Thierry Guetta (aka. MBW) pops up, and pulls me into an epic adventure full of spray cans, stencils, stickers etc. I’m telling you, this guy is unstoppable and you can’t help but to find his articulation amusing at times… actually most of the time! I totally recommend this movie to anyone with just the slightest interest in street art, and more alternatives routes to fame and glory. It just works really really well, that you get introduced to Banksy, Shepard Fairy, Space Invader and all the other street artists through the eyes and lens of Thierry. Thumbs up!

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