Final logo :)

This is the final logo for our company “barq” – a hand made logotype, and no it’s NOT a joke this time, hehe :p

We’ve settled for a wide slab serif at the bottom and less wide at the top. This is inspired by the shape of trees, which is also wide at the bottom, and as you climb up the tree the with decreases. Overall this should leave the viewer with the impression that the logotype quite grounded, as the weight is concentrated at the bottom.

Also, we want the logotype to communicate an organic vibe. This is especially visible around the a and r in the way the letters are formed – sort of like branches, veins or what have we.

The overall weight is rather bold, which makes the logo useful for carving in wood, physical models and other creative things we’ll think of :)

I must say, it’s great to finally have a vectorized and final logo to play around with – a logo that both Anders and I are very satisfied with. I hope it’ll be well received by others as well :)

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