First foto-session

The girls from Textile were up for the first foto-session today. The days up to this foto-session I’ve been wondering how many of them would show up… I was kind of nervouse about it too, but it turned out to be quite allright actually… fortunately!
The recording of the statements was a bit sketchy – there’s a lot of interference in the background, but I hope I can get rid of the worst noise with some special software.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day I think – We have yet another meeting, but I haven’t got that much new to show though. I think they’re going to yell at me for that reason, but what can I say… I had to spend some time on writing my bachelor-assignment. On top of that, I spend SO MUCH time trying to get the INFO-papers out to all the graduate students. And lastly, I haven’t been able to print that much because I have to pay for it myself :(

Couldn’t concentrate on working inside in this perfect weather, so at 17:00 I went to play ball with Ture and Ole. It was great! Might do it again tomorrow (there should be enough then to have a match!).

I’m gonna train tomorrow morning I think… To get back in shape after a long period of… well… not training.

Current hair-situation: Long and growing longer :p (gotta get a time at the hairdressers soon to trim the “svensker hår”).

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