Project Bazh:

Chris is snowboarding (don’t remember exactly where, but it’s definitely someplace snowy!) so communicating can be a bit tricky. We agreed that as soon as I had a draft ready, I’d send it to him via which I did today. I haven’t heard from him yet though.

I’m really satisfied with the way the animation looks now, and I haven’t even made the final corrections to it… that’s a good sign I guess :)

And right now my computer (pc) is being fixed down at I’ll have it back tomorrow. I had a problem with one of the fans making a really annoying buzzing sound, everytime I turned the computer on. So, today I decided to fix it! I hope they’re treating it gently because I have all my workfiles and photos / videos on the hard disk! AND Project Bazh!

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  1. Well I was in DK very quickly. Unfortunatly thanks to the weather I had to leave this morning already so we didnt have a change to drink a little beer.
    I did say “hi” to your laptop though, and I shut it down for you :P (ofcourse I didn’t). So tomorrow i’m of to the land of whom we do not utter it’s name.

    Good luck with the project bazh and please post a little preview clip cuz im goddamn curious!

  2. JoKKe-svin says:

    “and I shut it down for you” *LOL* Talk about not being able to read notes, haha!

    Let’s try some Rolphing on the name of the country which name we shall not utter: Ahaaa, so you’re going to Sloooow Weeeaners? Or perhaps you’re headed for Sloooogan Party?

    But thanks a lot man. I can’t wait to see the animation in action on stage :pI arranged with Chris that he’d send me the recorded footage of his performance.

  3. JoKKe-svin says:

    …and I’ve never known anybody who travels as much as you do. Daaaamn! SETTLE DOWN! Hehe.

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