Project Bazh: Corrections

Chris gave me feedback on the phone after having seen the draft I sent him, and he really liked it :D He had a list of corrections I had to make – some of them were minor tweaks, but there were a few large ones too. Ones of the changes I had to make, forced me to re-structure large parts of the animation. It was SO difficult to manage all the different timelines and to work acros them! I actually reached a point where I thought that I would NEVER finish this animation… Fortunately I don’t have that feeling anymore :) There’s only a few things to be done now before it’s finished.

Here’s a screen shot I just sent to Chris. He wanted a dark and gloomy atmosphere to the animation, so this is my proposal for that. I have a lot of fun doing the animation part, but I must say that color grading and applying the final effects to the animation is the REAL fun of it all :p

Oh yeah, we have evaluation tomorrow with our JPD project. I wish we could’ve presented it with the rest of our group, but what the hell…

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2 Responses to Project Bazh: Corrections

  1. the Tabkkian says:

    Hey Jokke, looks fine that animationshot.

    But just wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow with the JPD presentation! But that won’t be a problem ;)

  2. JoKKe-svin says:

    Thanks a bunch man! It went really well – we got a freakin’ A! :p Damn, I really have a bad habbit of NOT sleeping during private projects… it’s fucking 06:00 am (pardon my French).

    Ek ynshe dij ein goude nacht, or something like that, hehe.

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