Evaluation and mooooving

YEAH BABY, we pulled an A on our JPD project! That’s sweet :p Presentation went really well even though we hardly prepared it. Usually I’m kind of nervous around presentations, but this time I was calm as can be, which came as a positive surprise to me. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that there was only ONE project to present this time… Well, feels good to get positive feedback on our hard work. Now, project JPD is officially closed and stored in the cellar :) Thanks to Helle, Mads, Andreas and Anders for at long and tough but very educating project in which we were thrown back and forth in a game of finding names, hehe.

And then I’ve been busy packing the stuff I’m bringing to my new temporary room on Viby J. I’m coordinating the transportation with Finn, who’s room I’m taking over. He’ll be driving to Århus from Germany with a trailer and he offered to drive my stuff up there (thanks man – really appreciate it!). It’ll be this saturday or sunday…

Still gotta finish the animation by the way!! I’ll post a link when it’s done :)

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