For you Andreas!

I can’t write you comments because for some reason, they’re considered “spam”. Fix it, or sleep with the fishes! :p

This is what I tried to write you:

Woooow that’s a WHOLE lot of wood there little fella! FINALLY you’re posting again, but I can imagine that you’ve been super busy (I know the feeling too well myself these days!).

Shame on me! This time I didn’t even take the time to “Online Translate” your post. I just comment on the images… Forgive me Lord, for I have sinnamon-spice :p

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2 Responses to For you Andreas!

  1. Damn, I was afraid of that. I already had a nice spamfilter but that didn’t work either as about 2 weeks ago I started getting about 300 spam messages a day! So installed this new one and that one seems to work too good lol!
    Well i’m going to see if I can fix it a.s.a.p.

    Hahaha, and I posted the images so you will understand it a bit better then throwing it through the online translator!

  2. I did some changes and I hope you’re able to comment again. If it doesn’t work let me know and then I will install another filter. One in which you have to type some characters from a picture before can post. I hope that will work.


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