From blog to blook

When you physically print a blog, you go from blog to blook. I think it’s a really interesting mix between digital media and the physical media of books.

“Blooks are the new books, a hybrid literary form at the cutting edge of both literature and technology,”
– said Bob Young, founder of self-publishing site Lulu

I can’t wait to see where this rapid development will lead. Maybe the public libraries will have to make an entirely new section named “blooks”.

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5 Responses to From blog to blook

  1. Well isn’t a “blook” nothing more then a modern word for “dairy”? But I guess the word diary just doen’t sound 21st century :P

  2. JoKKe-svin says:

    Yeah, I guess you’re right man. But still, blooks are different from traditional diaries in the sense, that they’re born as blogs on the internet, and THEN transformed into physical books.

  3. Hehehe, interesting thought. I’m afraid though that i’ll still be refering to my blog as a dairy. it’s nothing more then that. You could argue though that a blog is more then just a dairy but a page with interesting links. That to me is the only difference between a blog and a book. The blog has the ability to link. But that power is lost when it becomes a “blook”. So in the end it’s still the same as a book :P

    “blook”….sounds a bit like the sound of bubbling mud you always see in movies :D

  4. Ian says:

    hmmm~i know the new word about the bolg

    P.S.I just pass by from youtube but link it to here ^_^~

  5. JoKKe-svin says:

    Ian –> Hahaha, that’s freakin’ cool :) (Oh, and “freakin” is a contraction between “fried” and “chicken”). Thanks for the comment.

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