Grunge design

It’s been AGES since I wrote something in english (save mobile messages) so I think I’ll try to post my articles in english from now on. They might be shorter and less rich in adjectives, but if I can live with that, so can you… I don’t have time to correct the spelling, so please ignore any fatal errors should you come across such :)

And now to the topic:

I just found out that the style I thought was called “Natural Media” is in fact called “Grunge“. I don’t know if that’s an official name though, so I googled it to find out in which context people used this name. Apart from results containing “Nirvana” the search also came up with “Custom Photoshop Grunge Brushes“, “Creating Grunge Design” etc. That’s proof enough to me! From now on I’ll refer to trashed, rusty, dusty and vintage design as “Grunge“…

That naturally leads me to my favorite grunge-artist Scott Hansen –> please take a look at his website – it’s pure eyecandy :p Gotta love it! I believe I posted the link some time ago, but I’ll keep posting it untill I find someone who tops his skills (when hell freezes over).

It’s getting late! I can tell, because I was just about to make one of those “fatal” spelling errors… I was about to write “It’s getting laid!”. So I’d better leap to bed before I offend anybody :p

Guess that was my first post in english *yay*. Hope I have an audience for that somewhere out there *s*

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