Wauw, yet another day of hard work… but when the workflow is going great, I don’t mind working late at all. Today we showed PAB the site and the point we’re at in the process right now. He got a bunch of accosiations to the 60’s-70’s because of our colour-swatches (quite understandable) but we’are not aiming at imitating that period. We want to use elements from it and twist them into a different style…

Today I realized that the best team mate is a person who has the courage to disagree with you (and vice versa). A person with whom you can quarrel. This person also has to be able to bring back the good atmosphere…

You have to have up’s and down’s during a larger project to keep things from running too smoothly. This might sound strange, but I do believe that’s the optimal way for at project to flow. If you’re having a “down day” during the project, you’ll be able to appreciate the up’s a whole lot more, and thereby get an even stronger feeling of positivity towards the project – which hopefully will bring fruitful results in the end. Something like that. Finding it really difficult to write english right now :s

Yesterday I had one of those “down days” – couldn’t do anything. Just sat there and stared into mid air… Why? Partly because of a lacking overview of the project I think, and partly because of internal conflicts. Today we had a talk with PAB and sorted out some questions. That really helped a lot and working seemed a lot easier after that conversation. I couldn’t help but to compare todays work with the “work” I did yesterday. In doing so, I got a positive feeling which I wa able to transform into “good working energy”… Really, it’s true :)

I guess the best team work is full of fights and disagreements… Now, I don’t know if that could be transferred to relationsships though *s*.

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