I switched to Safari from Firefox

I really like watching HD videos on YouTube, but Firefox is always lagging whenever I open up an HD video. So, I opened up the same HD video in Safari. The result? No lagging. This is partly what makes me switch to Safari. The other factor is the speed. Safari just feels much more snappy – especially on pages containing Flash content. I can scroll without any noticeable lag, whereas Firefox would have a rather annoying lag. And last but not least, I found a Delicious add-on for Safari!

So far, I’m really satisfied with the switch. One of the things that I might miss, is the “smart tab navigation” (or whatever it’s called) where you can jump to a specific tab by pressing CMD+[number]. Other than that, I can’t think of what I might miss… Safari has a way cooler page search function than Firefox! It dims the page and highlights the search-term with a yellow “marker”. Nice! I also like the “Top Sites” page, which shows you an overview of the pages that you visit the most – in ONE browser window that is! Brilliant.

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