I touched Madonna!

I was just down at the school library to check out a book by Karel Martens. Apparently it was a very rare edition worth 10.000 danish kroner! The pages weren’t attached to the spine of the book, which made it a bit difficult to browse through it, but quite the experience though. Really nice graphic design! Of course I couldn’t borrow it, but I’ll definitely check back to see if I might take some snap shots of the book.

The librarian then decided to show me more of their special books – she went over to the bookshelf behind the counter and pulled out a CHIC magazine. At first I thought it would just be like any other fashion magazine, but I was in for a big surprise! On many of the pages there was actual fabric! There was even a letter which contained original writing. Paloma Picasso had kissed a white piece of paper, and her lipstick had left a clear mark right there on the paper! Incredible!

Then she turned to a spread with a tiny bit of square green fabric on the right page and a photo of Madonna on the left, wearing a green dress… The fabric was an actual piece of the Versace dress Madonna wore to the Evita premiere! I was flabbergasted, and of course I touched the little green square. So that’s what Madonna feels like :D

What an awesome day, and it’s not even 11 o’clock yet!

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