iMOGEN HEAP!! Manan i søgelyset og mere video :p

Manan Pareek (a friend from Faaborg high school) sent me this link –> he’s been interviewed about the Law of Jante, that darned law! It was kind of funny to read it through. Aparently there’re still a lot of people, who’re afraid to express themselves fully, because of the Law of Jante. That’s fucked. Good thing the man Manan isn’t like that! Thumbs up dude :)

And know to something completely different: Video sketching. Yup, I can’t stop doing videos GODDAMNIT!

I just finished a short fictive “commercial” video for the “Golden Egg Delivery Service” (abbreviation: GEDS). I was inspired by the images I chose to sketch from. Andreas introduced us to a little technique called “Photoshop Tennis”. It’s wicked, and a good way to get started on sketching. Initially it doesn’t have to have a direct connection to the identity… The video I just did, certainly has nothing to do with the final thing, that’s for sure *lol*

And I also got some new music for all y’all –> iMOGEN HEAP –> Check out the following tracks (in my opinion the best ones):

– Hide And Seek (Truly an awesome track!)
– Headlock
– Goodnight And Go
– Speeding Cars
– Loose Ends

I’ve done quite a lot today actually… I found a camera with photos I hadn’t delivered to the photo store… I have no idea what photos it contains, so it was like a tiny present when I found it :) I can’t wait to see what it turns out to be! My guess would be a range of random photos… Hopefully some from Sct. Petersburg (I think I brought it with me on that trip) –> still thinking alot about what happened on that trip. It did something to me that I can’t describe. Yet. It’ll come, I’m sure…

What else, hmm. I bought some special paper for some letters I want to send… And I posted a CD I made for my family in Malgrat de Mar with photos from my vacation there… I tried to select as many good ones as possible. Unfortunately I couldn’t throw in some videos, as they’re still to large. I’ve got to get my hands on the QuickTime playback codec thingy!

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