Italian Spiderman

Not too long ago, I stumbled upon this interesting trailer for a movie called Italian Spiderman. I thought it was an authentic old Italian movie from the late 60’s, but I later found out that it was made by SA student Dario Russo as a final-year Screen Production project at Flinders University.

In the comments to the trailer on YouTube, I noticed that some people would like to have t-shirts with this character “Italian Spiderman”, so I decided to play around with some of the low-res images I could find off the Internet, and create the image above. I’ve got a traced and clean version of his head, so it’ll be a breeze to make some neat t-shirt prints from that. I’ll post more later on… Oh, watch the trailer, it’s hilarious :)

On May 22nd the first part of the movie will be released. I can’t wait! I think it’ll be a huge success!

Click the image for a larger version. Afterwards, check out the process in the movie below.

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