JPD pushing 70 kg growl!

Holy Guakamolee! Now it’s finally settled which logo we have to work on… JPD! Da-da-daaa! Not my personal favorite to be honest, but I’m positive that we can come up with something nice. In my opinion, Viabud really has some nice details with the arrows and that could be used in a really cool way conceptually speaking, but also “animationally” speaking (if that’s a known term, hehe). Well, JPD it was and JPD it shall continue to be!
Today we split the group in order to manage the different tasks we now have to take care of:

  1. Logo adjustments (Mads)
  2. Concepts (This guy)
  3. Animation experiments (me)
  4. Typography / layout (Anders + Helle)

We don’t have that much time left before deadline, but WE CAN DO IT! I’ll start working on the animations tomorrow, and I think they’ll be kind of funny :p
Today I did some work out. I was able to take it to the next level from 90 x 60 kg’s to 90 x 70 kg’s on bench press. It was a KILLER but I’m sure it’ll be easier in time. I just have to do it on a regular basis. Stick to it!

Oh, and I just got an idea to do a translation of a death metal growl song – and when I say “translation” I don’t mean putting on the lyrics that are actually being sung. Quite the opposite actually :p I’m going to put on some really weird subtitles – ones that will contrast the music in every possible way! I think it coud be quite funny…

That’s it for now. Hmm, why do I have the feeling that I’ve forgotten something?!

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