Manan in town

My friend Manan Pareek is in town as intern at the hospital (he’s studying medicine), so today I showed him around the city a bit: the school, Lucca, english pub, Pitstop etc. It was kind of cool even though it rained. Had a coke at Republikken to end the “guided tour” around Kolding. I think I left him with a good impression of the city.

Oh, earlier today when I was at the supermarket, there was this girl who got stuck between the metal bars that prevent thieves from running out of the entrance. She shouted: “OH NO!” and I turned around and couldn’t help but laugh at her standing there – caught in the evil supermarket prison! Muhuahahahaa! Anyway… Realizing that she wasn’t able to go under or over the bars, I began to think of a master plan to rescue this fair lady. I thought about using a few Kellogs Cornflakes packages to build a staircase, but as I was about to carry out this ingenious plan, an old lady came into the market and activated the mechanism that opens the bars!
Next time I go to the supermarket, I hope there’ll be dragons breathing fire at the cute and blonde lady at the cash register. Then I’ll come to her rescue by throwing cans of tuna at the dragons, followed by a lethal spray of scorching hot ketchup and nudles. That’s gotta hurt!! FAKTA supermarket goes Dungeons & Dragons.

As for the JPD project: I had NO motivation today what so ever! I don’t really know why, but I just felt like spending this entire day in a nice and comfortable couch! I think my motivation will return tomorrow. Pleeease oh mighty God of Motivation: Give me strength so that I might finish this project in a cool way :p And I’d also like to be able to shoot bolts of lightning out of the tip of my fingers (if you could fix that too, that would be totally AWESOME man!). Amen.

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