Printed the portrait

Today I used the plotter for the first time. SGI helped me, and it took quite some time to get the “beast” rollin’. Apparently there were some problems with the plotter recognizing the paper… Well, after a good 40 minutes the thing worked and I got my prints :p YES! What an awesome quality. I was really positively surprised because I didn’t think it would be able to catch all the tiny details… I just took this picture of me and the portrait of my father:


Today I mailed it in a tube at the post office, so I guess he’ll have it in 4 days time or something.

I did a lot of things on my site today. I’ve updated my portfolio with the new stuff I’ve made (“school” and “spare time” now works). Furthermore I fixed my “Pia” video – a redirection to its new location on my site. If you chek out the old link here, you’ll see what I mean :) I hope that people will gradually start linking to the new location of the video. The new link should be this –>

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