Rejected drawing *hmpf*

I tried to post this drawing on tegnebordet, but they rejected it because they thought it was discriminating. I think it’s quite funny though… What do YOU think?


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  1. majann says:

    Seriously? Rejected?? Do you know who rejected it?? haha…I think it’s totally hillarious! *still laughingh* I mean – it’s only christmas once a year isn’t it? They should dress up too….
    Besides – I like the thought of making it more “every day”, than the all black one… ;) Keep up the good work! :D

  2. JoKKe-svin says:

    Hey Majann I know!!! It’s SOO weird… well, the moderator who rejected it was “Thitida-No-Chey”. Feel free to drop her a message for me :p Maybe you could write something like: “Too bad that you had to remove that x-mas burka drawing” and then a sad smiley, hehe. DO IT!

    But I’m glad you like it too… some people just don’t have any sense of humor I guess.

  3. majann says:

    Seriously, she’s SO……..I can’t even find the word….I have a whole bunch of drawings rejeted by her. I even had one accepted, end she came in later and rejected it anyway….how frustrating is that??

    I will leave her a message……..PROMISE!! :)

  4. majann says:

    So! – I just left a message for her….haha…..looking forward to the answer….. *giggling* :D

  5. JoKKe-svin says:

    Damn, so I’m not the only one… Well, awesome that you texted her about it. Not in a nasty way I hope. I’ve heard you can have quite the temper up there to the north, hehe ;)

  6. Well I guess a lot of Danish are really afraid of posting these kind of things because of the whole cartoon-war thing. It’s a shame really because through actions like this you see that fear and stupidity in the form of religious fears have won over the freedom of speech and, looking at this drawing, fucking entertainment.

    Really man, it’s brilliant! Just to bad you lve in Denmark :P

  7. JoKKe-svin says:

    Couldn’t put it any more clear than that myself. Religion can be an eeeevil sucker sometimes, and I can’t imagine what will happen if we allow it to censur every single thing that MIGHT contain something that COULD be offensive to religious people. IT’S HUMOR FOR GOD’S SAKE! (well, maybe that was a wrong term to use hehe). Anyway, it’s just humor… I’ll move to Mars :p

  8. majann says:

    I wasn’t at all nasty…I just told her what I meant! ;) -and about that temper “up here in the north……it’s true. But I was nice!!

    And as I hopefully’ll get an answer sometime today, I’ll tell her something more. Cause deleting already approved drawings is just being……I don’t know – mean?

  9. Unfortunatly “humor” and “religion” don’t mix. They are I think possibly eachothers extremes. And with religion I’m not only talking about faith in a higher being, but in fact talking about believing in anything that to you is a dogma. I think all dogma’s should be destroyed personally.

    But thankfully you can still post your drawing here ;)

  10. majann says:

    “”Den var decideret diskriminerende… Og den overtrådte vores regel nummer fem. Vi sletter også tegninger der overtræder andre regler, om det er “gode ideer” eller ej….””

    -svaret fra frøkenen på TB……og som takk…..les på bloggen og se hva jeg fikk….!


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