Spam away! And

I just got like 450 spam comments on my blog in like 30 minutes or something! What the fuck was THAT all about?! Maybe it’s because I wrote the link to this blog on my other blog – one that I just created today on I hate spam :s

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  1. Me too, i’ve been getting a whole lot of spam mesages the last time too in the comments. The strange thing is though, that on my blog, it’s always on just one specific entry i’ve written. Something about fairytales. Somehow they always post on that, freaking bizar!

  2. JoKKe-svin says:

    I hope you have some sort of anti spam plug-in to catch ’em all. Personally I use a very effective one, which always gets it right :p But it was still frightening to see that it had caught 450 new spam comments since the last login :s

  3. thankfully it’s just one or 2 a day that get through. Besides that the plugin i have is indeed quite effective.

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