Saint Joaquim

Today is the day of my saint. Here’s the story behind the saint:

According to Catholic tradition Saint Joachim (São Joaquim) played several roles in the life of Christ: he was the husband of Saint Anne, the father of the Virgin Mary, and the grandfather of Jesus. The figure of Saint Joachim gained form out of a tenuous historical origin. The Bible does not mention Joachim, and the earliest reference to him can be traced to the so-called Infancy Gospel of James, dated the 2nd century A.D.

In spite of his dubious bibliography, Joachim has assumed a place in the pantheon of Catholic saints, and in secular art he is often depicted leading the Blessed Mary as a child.

The Saint Joachim Market, similar to its namesake, was constructed on a weak foundation. In spite of its humble beginnings, the Saint Joachim Market has emerged as the largest open-air marketplace in Salvador, Brazil, and one of the largest in all of Latin America.

Also, just as the Catholic Church has recognized Saint Joachim with a feast day celebrated every July 26, the Salvador’s City Council is considering honoring the Saint Joachim Market as a historical landmark due to the important role it has played, and continues to play, in the lives of so many residents of the city.


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